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We are creative and quirky. We love symbolism. We also love candles. We love the transformative atmosphere of candlelight, the phenomenal altering effect of scent in our minds.

We believe that the presence of fire, reduced to a flame, enhance our creativity, it invites us into a meditative state, can also be enchanting if stared, like summoning you into a hypnotic journey. We love how the presence of candles turn any hang out into epic conversations, enhance the sunshine of the mind and even have aphrodisiac effect. That’s why we design our candles to be powerful mood setters. Each one of them has a symbolic identity (most are the inspiration of subjects of our own epic conversations); they are scented with a beautiful, warm, subtle fragrance blend, and the wood wick whispers the sound of burning wood, in reminiscence of storytelling around a campfire.


We want to invite you to light the flame, relax and let melt, do your thing and follow the white rabbit into the illuminating world of Aroma Sunshine™.


Aroma Sunshine™ is a homemade – hand poured company based in London, the UK. We are proud to craft top quality products made with natural ingredients, as green as possible in our packaging and cruelty free. We pride ourselves to be in constant improvement of our environmental responsibility.

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