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                                                 About the Wood Wick

The crackling wooden wick© is cut (0.5mm)and shaped for you. There's no need to re-shaped the wick in any way or form as doing so could affect the performance of your candle. After every burn, the burnt residual on the wick can be removed even with your own fingers.

                                           About burning your candle

To make the best of your candle, burn the first time for at least one hour, ideally till a full pool of melted wax has formed, this will ensure uniformity in future burns. Avoid burning your candles for more than 5 hours for safety reasons and to prevent the overheating of the wax which can reduce burning time and fragrance intensity. Also for safety and design, there will be a bit of wax leftover when the wick has fully burned. A clever tip: The residual wax can be easily removed from the bottom of the vessel and be melted in an oil/wax melter.

                                            About your perforated crystal

The crystal in your candle is perforated to be used as jewellery or as you prefer. Please bear in mind that the crystal will descend in the deeps of the melted wax and probably not be visible till the candle is finished. You could let it energize your candle or just remove it if you prefer it. To clean the crystal just rinse it with warm water.

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