Stay in Wonderland

Stay in Wonderland


∆   Warm - earthy - intoxicatingly luscious


∆   Follow the white rabbit to a deliriously sweet path of blueberries and lush vanilla. How deep are you willing to go? it's your choice.


∆   Simbolizes freedom and imagination.


∆   The wood wick crackles, whispers like the sound of burning wood, bringing your candle to life and transforming your environment with the calming sound of fire.

  • Product Info

    The quartz is perforated, which can be used as a piece of jewelry. Please refer to our Candle Care page for more information about your crystal candle.

    180gr of natural coconut and rapeseed wax

  • Product specifications

    100% Natural Coconut Rapeseed wax. Crackling Wooden Wicks are sourced from FSC certified mills in the USA patented by The Wooden Wick Co.® from Laguna Beach, California (USA).